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At Femmed we have a passion for children’s health and their development.

General Wellbeing:

Babies and children tend to get sick all year round and our doctors are highly experienced in children’s healthcare and available to see to your children when needed.

Growth Monitoring from birth:

Infants must be monitored at 2 weeks old and at 6 months old in addition their vaccination dates.

Private Vaccinations:

At Femmed we follow the private vaccination schedule which follows immunisations at 6/10/14 weeks; 9months; 12months; 15months; 18 months; 2 years and then again at 6 years of age. At Femmed we do a full medical checkup and growth monitoring with each vaccination. Our doctors are dedicated to providing excellent medical care to you and your family.


 “No one will ever truly understand the extent of my love for you, after all you are the only one that knows what my heart sounds like from the inside!”

We have compiled extensive antenatal courses for prospective parents. Our classes were designed by Dr Eunice van Wyk who is the only medical doctor giving antenatal classes in Pretoria. Her course is built both on evidence-based medical facts, as well as practical parenting advice and guidelines. Dr van Wyk is a mother of 3 young daughters, giving her the experience needed to add maximum value to her courses. She also has extensive obstetric experience, still assisting numerous gynecologists in theatre.

The first of the three classes is with the mommies only (although dads are welcome to join), where breastfeeding, hospital bag requirements and female health post-partum are discussed.


The second and third classes are with both parents and cover the pre-labour, birth process and early neonatal period.

Private classes over 1/2days can also be arranged either at Femmed or if you prefer at the comfort of your own home.

Our classes run in a cycle of 1 course per month on Tuesday evenings at 17:30. Please contact Femmed for full course information.

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Femmed Baby Brain classes aim to stimulate your baby through the use of fun, age-appropriate activities. Learning within a safe and social environment is our main objective! Activities are specifically designed to encourage baby’s development whilst providing a calm and optimal environment for mother-child bonding. Mommies are also encouraged and equipped with practical guidelines that can be implemented at home.  The BabyBrain is a term by term course which combines elements from several educational curricula and adds stimulatory elements such as music and texture to provide a holistic approach to all the senses and skills which a child needs to develop in their formative years.


All classes are an hour long, presented in English and Afrikaans with tea and coffee included. Contact Femmed for more information about class days and times for your baby’s age group. Classes extend from 0 to 3 years of age.

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