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Ageing appears first and foremost in the face and is affected by many factors. The most common of these are sun damage, bad quality skincare products, smoking, sugar, stress, alcohol, medicines, poor sleeping habits and individual genetics.

At Femmed we believe Aesthetic Medicine to have two objectives: prevention of premature ageing and reversal of ageing – putting back what you have lost, rather than making you look like someone else. The best way to achieve these results is with a combination of the following treatments, performed by our doctors:


Anti-wrinkle injectables:

Have many medical uses - in aesthetics they are used to control the persistent muscle activity in the face causing lines and wrinkles. They are very effective and are recommended from the age of 25 years and upwards.


Injectable Fillers:

As we age, the supporting structures in our face change. This includes fat pads, bony structures and soft tissue. Lips become thinner, cheeks sag and we develop deep lines around the mouth and under the eyes. Fillers are injected under the skin, to replace what has been lost (create structure), and to augment what was lacking.


This modern device produces a plasma-laser beam that is applied to an area of concern. This beam generates heat and causes sublimation of the outermost part of the epidermis (outer layer of the skin), without damage to the surrounding or deeper structures of the skin. Treatments include: non -surgical Blepharoplasty; Deep Lines not responding to Anti-wrinkle injectables; Acne; Non-surgical Vaginoplasty; Pain free tattoo removal; Scarring; Wart removals; Sun spot removals, etc.

Our main goal for our patients here at Femmed is to leave each patient looking their best and feeling healthy.

  • Achromatic Spots & Benign Tumours: 1-2 sessions of 20 mins
  • Upper Blepharoplasty (Eyelid correction): 2-3 sessions of 20 mins
  • Lower Blepharoplasty (Eyelid correction): 2-3 sessions of 20 mins
  • Post Acne & Chicken Pox Scars: 2-4 sessions of 15 mins
  • Stretch Marks, Keloids & Scars: 1-5 sessions of 15 mins
  • Warts, Moles & Fibromas: 1-2 sessions of 15 mins


  • Active Acne: 1-2 sessions of 30 mins
  • Expression Lines: 1-5 sessions of varied length
  • Skin/Sun Spot Removal: 1-2 sessions of 15 mins
  • Tattoo Removal: 4-6 sessions of varied length
  • Xanthelesmas (Fatty deposits around eyelids):
    1-3 sessions of 15 mins


This is a superior form of Mesotherapy, (micro-needling) which rejuvenates the collagen and elastin production in the skin. Different areas of concern can be treated at specific depths and speeds, which free-hand or roller Mesotherapy cannot achieve. Post needling, we apply Hyaluronic acid which naturally occurs in your skin but decreases with age. It improves your skin’s collagen content and rebuilds the epidermal/dermal layer and therefore corrects skin concerns such as scarring, stretch marks, skin texture, pigmentation and fine lines.


Vampire facials:

A form of Mesotherapy, where your own blood is drawn and then seperated in our centrifuge. Your platelets are then micro needled back into your skin, using your body’s own rejuvenating ability to achieve optimal results. This therapy is used especially for severe scarring and wrinkling and is an anti-ageing favourite among celebrities.


Chemical Peels:

Medical peels with a Glycolic acid, Alpha Hydroxy Acid, or high intensity TCA base are used to remove dead skin, resulting in reduced fine lines, pigmentation and overall skin refining. It also improves the appearance of mild scars and treats certain
types of acne.

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